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Ascend 2.0: Long Island's Premiere Wrestling Facility


* 6200 square foot wrestling facility, making it the largest on LI

* 3500 square feet of wrestling mat space

* 6 foot high wall to wall padding

* Two climbing ropes, pull-up bar, dip bar, kettle bells

* Exercise bike

* Treadmill

* Jump ropes

* 47" swivel mounted flat screen LCD TV

* Viewing area with seating for visitors

* Lounge/Waiting Room for parents

* Changing Room

* 2 Restooms (one for Parents & one for Wrestlers)

* Meeting Room/Office for privacy, equipped with internet/video access to review wrestlers' personal films      

* Access to a film library containing hundreds of films of the greatest wrestlers in the world

* Sports Drinks and Bottled Water vending machine available

* Heat and air conditioning

* Ample Parking

* Numerous restaurants and shopping centers nearby



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